WikiTalk is a speech-based information access system that enables a robot to talk about thousands of different topics using information from Wikipedia. You can navigate in Wikipedia by speech to whatever topics you are interested in, and the robot tells you about them. The system anticipates what you will probably want to hear about next by extracting links to related topics in Wikipedia. If you say the name of a related topic, the robot switches to the new topic and starts talking about it. Predicting topic shifts like this improves speech recognition by allowing the recognizer to listen for a much smaller vocabulary.

WikiTalk won an award in the Best Robot Design competition (Software Category) at the 9th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2017) in Tsukuba, Japan. More details are on the news page.

English and Japanese WikiTalk (14 minutes)

This video shows a robot talking about Shakespeare and other topics in English and Japanese, accessing English and Japanese Wikipedias. The robot switches languages to Japanese if you say "Nihongo" and to English if you say "English".

Finnish WikiTalk (12 minutes)

This video shows a robot talking in Finnish in a domestic setting about a wide range of topics using Finnish Wikipedia.

More WikiTalk videos can be seen on the videos page.

What robots does it work on?

WikiTalk works on Nao and Pepper robots. An experimental version also works on ERICA at Kyoto University.

What languages are available?

WikiTalk works in English, Finnish and Japanese, using English, Finnish and Japanese Wikipedias.

What topics are available?

There is no restriction on the number of different topics the robot can talk about. Finnish Wikipedia has more than 400,000 different topics, Japanese Wikipedia has more than a million, and English Wikipedia has more than 5 million. As soon as a new article is added to Wikipedia the robot can talk about the topic, and whenever an article is updated the robot uses the latest version so the information is always up-to-date.