CDM Interact

CDM Interact is a Finnish research and development company, working on talking robots and social robotics.

With WikiTalk, robots can talk fluently about thousands of topics using information from Wikipedia, making smooth shifts to related topics by following the links in Wikipedia. The application is multimodal and multilingual, integrating face-tracking, nodding and communicative gesturing with speech synthesis and speech recognition in English, Finnish and Japanese.

With CityTalk, robots can give information for tourists about local hotels, restaurants and other places of interest. The robot switches domains based on what you say, for example telling about hotels using a local hotel database if you ask about hotels, then telling about restaurants using a local restaurant database if you ask about restaurants.

English and Japanese WikiTalk (14 minutes)

This WikiTalk video shows a robot talking about Shakespeare and other topics in English and Japanese, accessing English and Japanese Wikipedias. The robot switches languages when a Japanese speaker says "Nihongo" to switch to Japanese and when an English speaker says "English" to switch to English.

CityTalk Tokyo Waterfront (10 minutes)

This CityTalk video shows a robot giving information about hotels and restaurants in Tokyo Waterfront. The robot gives information about three hotels in different price ranges. When the user asks about restaurants, the robot switches domains and tells about several restaurants in different price ranges and serving different types of food.

More videos can be seen on the videos page.