Why "CDM Interact"?

CDM stands for Constructive Dialogue Modelling. This is a framework for interaction management, focussing on the enablements for communication and the view that interaction is dynamically constructed by the participants via evaluating and reacting to the new information (NewInfo) being exchanged. The participants are assumed to be rational, autonomous, and intelligent agents, either humans or situated robots, capable of coherent, multimodal conversation with the most affordable means: natural communication. Evaluation of the partner's message is based on the current context, while reaction also takes into account the agent's own goals which they intend to achieve via the interaction. The goals can be specific task related achievements or quite general social relation and mutual bond related desires, and they may be born by the agent's own aspirations or, as is usually the case with artificial agents, by the design and implementation of the application.

The CDM Book

Read more about CDM in Kristiina Jokinen's book

Constructive Dialogue Modelling:

Speech Interaction and Rational Agents

(John Wiley & Sons).

CDM Interact focuses on interaction technologies, including

  • spoken dialogue systems
  • human-robot interaction (HRI)
  • multimodal interaction (speech, gaze, gesturing)
  • question answering (QA) systems
  • social robotics.